SONORA Process Free Plates

Save money, water, and energy by eliminating plate processing

SONORA Process Free Plates go straight from the imager to the press, with no processing step in between. Printers reduce environmental impact and eliminate the costs, variability and extra steps of plate processing.


Technology Breakthrough for Process Free Plates

Our goal is to make process free possible for all printers.

With the new technology developed for Kodak’s latest SONORA Plates, our plate scientists have come very close to that goal, expanding the capabilities of SONORA Plates to meet the performance needs of most offset printing applications.

Sonora Can Print That

You might be surprised to see what our customers are printing with SONORA Plates... which is just about anything.

SONORA Plates can be used to print:

  • Offset packaging and labels
  • UV and low-energy UV print
  • Heatset web applications
  • Newspapers (high-volume & automated)
  • Long-run commercial print
  • VLF applications
  • And more...

Sonora Leaf Icon-yellow

SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award

Our customers around the world are striving to become more environmentally responsible.

Kodak is pleased to recognize these companies.

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