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History of Scaling-Up Innovation

Proprietary Databases

More than 250 scientists, researchers, and technical and production specialists take part in our scale-up, product development, and manufacturing operations at KSC. Their expertise in heterocyclic chemistry is borne of years inventing functional dyes, couplers and other materials for film and paper – plus infrared dyes resulting from years of experience working with lasers for thermal printing and medical imaging.

With a proprietary database of over 100,000 molecules, 30,000 patents and more than 1,500 approved manufacturing processes, KSC customers can capitalize on our comprehensive synthesis expertise in complex heterocycles and organic products, functional dyes, photoactive compounds and specialty polymers.

“They know how to develop and scale up products and materials. They have a good R&D community, as well as manufacturing capability, without contamination that can affect the performance of our product.”

— Carestream Health