KODAK Cinema Tools

Calculators, references, and other tools for filmmakers

Aspect Ratio

See how different aspect ratios affect your shots. This app allows you to select a photo from your device and overlay it with 2-Perf, 3-Perf, 4-perf and 16mm motion picture film formats and popular aspect ratios.


Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

Capture stunning sunrise and sunset scenes with the help of our brand new Sunrise/Sunset calculator.

This tool requires specific settings. See our Help file for assistance.


Film Products

View product descriptions, technical information, sample footage, and ordering details while you're on the go.


Depth of Field Calculator

Get in focus with the KODAK Depth of Field Calculator! Do you want deep or shallow focus? Use Kodak's new Depth of Field Calculator app to help you determine the settings you need to get the focus you want.

The KODAK Depth of Field Calculator app is designed to be used with any film format, including Super 8, 16, 35 and 65 mm. F-stops range from F1.4 - F22, with 1/3 stops included.


Film Calculator

Information can be entered into fields where data is known: format, length, run time and frame rate. The app then calculates and supplies the other variables. Film length can be measured in feet or meters.


How To Read A Film Label

An interactive film can tour which explains in full detail what all those letters and numbers mean.


And More!

Glossary of Motion Picture Terms

Search and view instant definitions for hundreds of filmmaking terms. The glossary is designed to help filmmakers and their collaborators communicate clearly and accurately.

Lab Locator

Find a lab or transfer house while on the go! Using your current location and selecting the service you are looking for, the new Lab Locator tool will find a location near you and provide contact information and a map to help you get there! The tool also provides the ability to search other locations by filling out the search form.


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